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Posted on July 20 2020

Matchaful Café Now Open at Whole Foods - Manhattan West

Matchaful Café at Whole Foods


[PRESS RELEASE] - Matchaful is bringing an elevated in-store experience to the new Manhattan West Whole Foods Market location. Their new café, on the ground floor facing 10th Avenue, will focus on high-quality, single-origin matcha beverages and seasonal plant-based food. Included in the Friends of Whole Foods Market program, Matchaful is one of a number of innovative businesses that will provide shoppers access to unique flavors and cuisines.



This opening marks an exciting phase of growth for the New York City-based company. Founded in 2015, Matchaful has served the greater NYC community through a series of pop-up locations before landing at their current home on Canal Street in Manhattan. Founder and Chief Matcha Officer, Hannah Habes, sees this connection with Whole Foods Market as a logical next step for the brand. “Each of our previous café experiences has given us a chance to learn and evolve as a brand over the last three years. When the opportunity came to launch our café experience as a Friend of Whole Foods Market, it was a no brainer. With a shared commitment to community and sustainability - it felt like the perfect partnership,” says Habes. With a dedication to wholesome, natural ingredients and the highest quality matcha, sourced directly through a single multi-generational Japanese tea farm, the company has remained true to Habes’ original mission: To take care—of those around you, our planet, and yourself—and to do it every single day.


It’s that sentiment that makes Matchaful such a complimentary partner to Whole Foods Market. In addition to the in-store café, the brand’s line of single-origin, pesticide-free matcha is now available for purchase at 37 Whole Foods Market locations across the Northeast region. “At Whole Foods Market, our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality natural and organic foods,” says Chris Manca, Northeast Region Local Forager at Whole Foods Market. “Matchaful’s dedication to those same quality standards; ingredients, taste, freshness, and safety—along with the knowledge and craft they bring to their products, makes them a perfect fit for our stores.”




The new café will serve a variety of matcha-based beverages, with something for both enthusiasts and beginners. The menu features longstanding Matchaful favorites, such as their signature Vanilla Zen latte and Matcha Avocado Yogurt. As at Matchaful’s Canal Street café, all products at the Whole Foods Market location are plant-based, feature organic ingredients, and focus on the quality and sustainability of the materials. The new Manhattan West café is open daily, and has implemented strict cleanliness and safety protocols to keep customers and employees safe during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.


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