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Meet Hannah

It’s not a groundbreaking story, but it’s a story we can all relate to: our founder, Hannah, worked really really hard, didn’t sleep enough, traveled too much and had little time or energy to eat well. This unhealthy lifestyle developed into stomach issues, as well as loss in hair. After confronting many doctors about improving her health, she often left unsatisfied, causing her to search for alternative solutions. After heavy research, she stumbled upon reading about this magical-sounding tea, matcha.

Tea Leaf Preparation

As fate would have it, a friend had just returned from Japan and offered to let Hannah try some. The rest was history. Her kitchen became a test lab where she started importing matcha in from Japan so that she could get quality, organic matcha. She became her friends most excited matcha advocate and quickly created a community around her of matcha geeks.

She finally found what she was looking for: an antioxidant-loaded, energy-giving, grounding tea that she could drink every single day that was actually GOOD for her.

There was only one hitch: where could she get it? And why was it so hard to get organic matcha in the US? And where in Japan does matcha actually come from? Who actually grows it?

Matcha Source Tasting

Finally she knew she had to do something more, something bigger. She needed to share the highest quality organic matcha with the US. Matchaful was then born.

Everything we do stems from Hannah’s original mission: to take care. Take care of those around you. Take care of our planet. Take care of yourself. And do it Every. Single. Day.

Matchaful - Our Mission

We care. And we want you to care, too. We care what we put in our bodies and what you put in yours. We care about our footprint on the planet.

- Hannah Habes, Chief Matcha Officer

Our relationships start at the source
on the ground at the tea farms in Japan. We are firm believers that successful relationships are built on trust and transparency.

This is why we believe it is so important to work directly with our incredible tea farms to assure that the best-tasting, freshest 100% USDA organic matcha ends up in your cup.

We are a small group of friends and “matchapreneurs” with diverse backgrounds that came together because we wanted to spread the organic matcha movement.

We believe that matcha is more than just a tea, it’s a new way of life, and an improved sense of being. We share the same values amongst each other and want to work with those who respect our values.

Sourcing the best ingredients

100% Organic Matcha

No matter how you slice it, pesticides just aren’t doing our bodies any favors.
It is extremely important to us here at Matchaful that we source only premium, 100% organic matcha from Japan. After trying countless varieties of matcha from all over Japan, we decided on the beautiful, mountainous fields of Nishio in the Aichi Prefecture as the source of our 100% USDA organic matcha.

Our matcha is USDA, JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard), and EU organic certified. As organic regulations are very specific about the types of fertilizer you can use, it is often the case that organic tea plants do not get the same nutrient replenishment as their conventional counterparts with each passing generation. As a result of this, both our Emerald + Jade organic matchas must be orderered in small batches, as only a small portion of the harvest meets the quality standards we rigorously enforce.

Giving Back to the Planet

Our goal is to provide high-quality, certified organic matcha to our local and global communities, one scoop of Matchaful at a time.
By providing you with sustainably sourced, delightful matcha, we aim to empower you to live a more healthful, powerful life. Our matcha comes directly from the Earth and we feel empowered to give back to our Earth.

As a member of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of all sales to non-profit organizations striving to preserve the health of our planet and provide for the future. We believe that sustainable, organic farming not only is best for our bodies but also best for our planet. Our matcha comes straight from the Earth and we want to make sure to we give back to the Earth. This is why we are proud members of 1% for the Planet.

1% For the planet

Why Matchaful?

When we all got together to brainstorm names for the company, we started with a quick exercise asking how matcha made us feel. We realized that a lot of similar words kept appearing such as "healthful, powerful, mindful, delightful." That's when Matchaful was born. We all have our own Matchaful story, but in our own unique way. Matcha has greatly impacted each of our lives and we're excited to hear how it impacts yours.

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