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Matchaful matcha powder on plain background
Matchaful matcha powder on plain background

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taking time to pause — the healing potency of botanicals — minimizing our environmental impact — the power of personal rituals — caring for the collective

What is Matchaful?


Matchaful is a female-founded purveyor of premium Japanese matcha and active botanical nutrition. To us, these two elements—matcha and botanical nutrition—are inherently linked in support of your daily ritual. With a focus on quality, we hand-select ingredients to create nutrient dense products with functional health benefits and fresh flavors. Each Matchaful product is crafted with care to benefit overall wellbeing.


Our philosophy and nutritional approach find their roots in the ancient art of tea. We seek to live with mindful intention, creating harmony within our community. Through this mindset, we embrace the shared experience— highlighting the intrinsic beauty and connection between people, nature, the tangible objects used in one’s daily routine, and the cyclical pattern of life itself.

From Our Customers

Amazing customer service + perfect matcha! - I'm a total matcha snob and this is by far the best brand out there! I love the ceremonial grade, it has the perfect flavor without a super bitter aftertaste like less high quality matcha. It's worth every penny!

Abbi M.

I have purchased many Matcha brands in search for the rich taste that I have had at Japanese festivals, and Japanese shops. This matcha has been the best by far. I love sweet undertones, and I love matcha that stays a nice bright green and is super creamy. This is crazy good, and is the best matcha I have ever had, and will be my staple for quite some time.


I've been drinking this matcha for the past year, and it's my go-to brand. I like that they're organic and will answer any questions or concerns I have about radiation/lead etc. They really care about the quality and sourcing of the matcha. Thank you Matchaful!


Early in her career, Founder Hannah Habes worked for a heavily-processed food and beverage company and her eating habits mirrored the company lifestyle: fast, processed, and on-the-go. This way of living began to catch up with her, and she developed digestive issues and began to experience hair loss. After meeting with multiple doctors and nutritionists, it became clear to her that her diet was the culprit. Wholesome, organic food would soon turn her health around.

A close friend had spent time in Japan and introduced Hannah to matcha. It was love at first sip. The energy she got from drinking matcha was unlike anything she’d experienced before: alert, yet calm. After learning more about the history and health benefits of this unique tea, she began to explore more deeply. Most matcha companies offered little-to-no visibility into where their matcha actually came from. The matcha was grown on a farm, sent to a distributor, often blended with matcha from other farms, making it basically impossible to identify the original source.

Hannah had a vision to source high quality, organic matcha with a transparent supply chain and environmentally sustainable practices. She began importing matcha from Japan, taste testing over 100 varieties. On a trip to Japan, Hannah met a farmer whose sustainability practices were inspiring—tea leaves were shaded beneath solar panels that generated power for nearby towns. Additionally, he managed the entire process of making matcha in-house, never losing sight of the tea. This was the beginning of Matchaful’s single-origin line… and the genesis of all things Matchaful.

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We source the finest Japanese matchas from multi-generational tea farms. Find the right one for you.

Arrangement of various Matchaful matcha grades and sizes
Arrangement of various Matchaful matcha grades and sizes