Celebrating International Tea Day

Celebrating International Tea Day
On International Tea Day we celebrate the history of tea, the farmers that produce it and the art, culture and heritage that it represents.

We wanted to take this opportunity to share what makes our matcha, MATCHAFUL, and highlight the incredible work our Single Origin farmer does to provide the freshest and highest quality matcha to your cups. 

What makes our matcha MATCHAFUL?

We believe you should know where your matcha comes from and the journey it took to get to you, from farm-to-whisk. We're on a mission to provide sustainably grown, transparently sourced matcha, direct from Japan through the relationships we've established on the ground at our tea farms.


While most matcha is a blend of tencha from various farms, our Single Origin matcha is grown on a single estate farm in Shizuoka, Japan giving you complete traceability and transparency. 


Our Single Origin farm is led by a 4th generation tea farmer who uses solar panels during harvest season to shade grow our matcha, and create renewable energy for nearby villages. Our farmer emphasizes the importance of the soil for healthier and sustainable plants. 
We believe that matcha is more than just a tea, it's a new way of life, and an improved sense of being.