Let’s Talk Color

Let’s Talk Color

Speaking about matcha, we often focus on the remarkable health benefits and the calming effect of the tea ritual. Today, we want to highlight matcha’s most eye-catching feature: the vibrant green color.


Why is color important?

Color psychology delivers one reason why even just looking at matcha can be good for us. According to studies, the color green often invokes images of nature. Pristine landscapes and lush plants are associated with tranquility and feeling refreshed. The American Psychological Association writes that green can “positively impact our thinking, our relationships, and our physical health. It is thought to relieve stress and help heal.”


The green color of matcha is not just for show or for psychological effects. It is an actual indicator of some of the beneficial compounds in the tea. The greener the matcha, the more chlorophyll and antioxidants are present in the powder. Chlorophyll has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, while antioxidants help protect our cells from damage by radiation and pollution.


Three piles of green matcha powder


Color also reflects the quality of matcha. The youngest, most tender, and properly shaded leaves will yield an intense, electric green powder. Furthermore, the nutrients present in the soil and overall plant health have an impact on color. Our Super Ceremonial Kiwami Matcha, for example, is picked during the first harvest when only the youngest tea shoots are selected. Our farmer is committed to clean agricultural practices. To keep the soil clean and healthy, he never uses pesticides and only fertilizes with organic compost.



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What should I look for?

When purchasing matcha, you’ll want to look for a vibrant green. A dull, greyish tint or a yellow hue indicates that the matcha has either been exposed to oxygen or is made from raw materials of lower quality. A color change also means the matcha is losing its freshness. We recommend storing matcha in an airtight container in a dry, cool, and dark place. 


Open tin of Matchaful Kiwami Super Ceremonial Matcha with powder exploding out

Choose a matcha you’ll love

Now that you know how to find the highest quality matcha, the next step is to determine your usage and flavor preferences. At Matchaful, we offer a curated selection of matcha to suit your needs. Kiwami, our Super Ceremonial Single Origin Matcha, is the best matcha we’ve ever tasted and perfect for drinking straight. Our Satori Grade Ceremonial Matcha is USDA Organic and makes a delicious matcha latte (we also like to drink it straight). Visit our shop to browse our full line of matcha—as well as all the essentials to make the perfect cup at home.


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