Recipe - Lychee Matcha Latte

Recipe - Lychee Matcha Latte

In summer, fresh fruit and veggie stands line the streets in our home neighborhood of Chinatown. Naturally, chefs Joanas and Haley drew inspiration from the crisp, zesty, and fragrant produce available at every corner. The result is a selection of seasonal drinks built on hydrating and antioxidant-rich Asian fruits.


Lychee Matcha Latte


Soon after launching our new menu in July, the Lucent Lychee Matcha Latte became a favorite. Lychee is a fruit native to tropical and subtropical areas of Asia. With its intensely magenta-red knobby peel, it is an eyecatcher on every market stall. Before indulging, however, Lychees have to be peeled and pitted. The fruit then reveals a pulp with a subtly sweet and floral flavor. Lychees are mostly known for their hydrating power—they contain over 80% water—and their high Vitamin C content. 


We make our Lucent Lychee Matcha Latte with our Ceremonial Hikari Matcha , our go-to for lattes and creative drinks. The delicate but robust flavor profile of the Hikari Matcha pairs perfectly with the cold-pressed lychee juice and coconut milk we make in-house. For an enhanced beautifying effect, we added the antioxidant-boosting adaptogen gynostemma. This summer special is then sweetened with maple syrup and enjoyed iced.


We’re excited to share a step-by-step recipe so you can make the Lucent Lychee Matcha Latte at home.



 Lucent Lychee Matcha Latte



Ceremonial Hikari Matcha

2oz. hot water


3oz. fresh lychee juice

6oz. coconut milk

0.25ml gynostemma

1tsp. maple syrup



  1. Make 3oz. of fresh lychee juice by blending 10-15 peeled and pitted lychee, at high speed, for 30 seconds.
  2. Whisk the Ceremonial Hikai Matcha with 2oz. of hot water in a shallow bowl until dense froth forms.
  3. Ina shaker, combine lychee juice, coconut milk, gynostemma, maple syrup, and ice.
  4. Shake.
  5. Pour shaken ingredients into a tall glass and top with matcha.


While summer lasts, the Lucent Lychee Matcha Latte is also available at our three NYC cafés. Find your closest location.