Roses are red, Matcha is green...

Roses are red, Matcha is green...

February is probably the most romantic month of the year, and Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day. And roses are never far when romance is involved. Have you ever wondered why?




Many links between roses and love—love for ourselves and love for others—can be found in herbalist traditions. And by looking at traditional practices of herbal healing, we think there’s also a case to be made for showering ourselves with roses every day—not just Valentine’s Day.


Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing tradition, names roses the protectors of the heart. Rose petals, whole or as powder, and rose essence are used to balance emotions and their effects on the heart. Their beauty is also not just for show. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make rose preparations popular for skin care. Rose water is soothing and cooling and aids with mild irritation and redness. Additionally, rose is naturally astringent, which helps to tighten pores and tone skin. This reduces small wrinkles and adds a stunning glow to our complexion.



Rose is easy to add to a daily self-care routine. We can, for example, brew the leaves and buds into a fragrant and soothing tea. For better access to the powerful antioxidants stored in the petals, rose is also available as powder. We especially love the USDA certified organic rose powder from Anima Mundi Matchaful chef Joanas Riccardi uses this powder in the dreamy ‘Zen Beauty.’



8 oz Macadamia Milk

½ tsp Anima Mundi rose powder

½ tsp Vanilla extract

1 Tbsp Maple Syrup

1 ½ tsp Matchaful Kiwami matcha

2 oz Water


  1. Gently warm 8 oz of macadamia milk (or your favorite plant-based or dairy milk).
  2. Stir the Anima Mundi rose powder, vanilla extract, and maple syrup into the warm milk.
  3. Prepare your matcha by vigorously whisking 2 oz of hot water and matcha with a bamboo whisk.
  4. Pour the milk and then the matcha in your drinking bowl. Garnish with some dried rose petals if you like. Enjoy!


Matchaful rose dragonfruit vegan soft serve 

This Valentine’s season we also used the Anima Mundi rose powder in a new flavor variation of our ever-popular vegan soft serve. The Rose Soft Serve is made from cashew and oat milk with dragon fruit for color and lightly sweetened with coconut sugar. This delicious and stunning treat is available at all three Matchaful cafés, for a limited time only.


We also couldn’t help ourselves, and created a romantic Rose version of our Matcha White Chocolate. Our chocolatier added dreamy rose petals—a perfect little gift for ourselves or a special someone… or two.



Matchaful Rose Vegan Matcha White Chocolate



But it’s not just the most eye-catching elements of the rose that have healing powers. In autumn, when the opulent blooms start to wilt, the often overlooked fruit of the rose starts to show and ripen. Rose hips are a vitamin C powerhouse. They’re tart when harvested before first frost, deliciously sweet and tangy if harvested after the first snow has fallen. Snack on fresh ones while harvesting them in the wild or use dried rose hips for an intense infusion—your immune system will thank you!


Tip: If you are harvesting your own rosehips, turn them into a jam or jelly. A perfect way to preserve its protecting qualities and energy in a jar for your daily breakfast.


Roses are so much more than meets the eye. We are definitely making them our companion this Valentine’s Day, and every day.


Much Love,