Recipe - Breath of Fresh Air

Recipe - Breath of Fresh Air

We've collaborated with our ceremonial cacao partner, Cacao Lab, for an exclusive collection. The Ceremony Bundle is available for a limited time at our NYC cafés and online. It contains a 30g tin of our Ceremonial Hikari Matcha and a 100g bar of Ceremonial AIR Cacao. The AIR cacao blend is made from Ecuadorian heirloom cacao, hibiscus, and cardamom.

A Breath of Fresh Air is the special drink crafted from our collaboration with Cacao Lab. The combined benefits of matcha and cacao give an extra energy boost, while hibiscus and cardamom ground the heart in kindness and compassion.

Recipe for A Breath of Fresh Air

Take a moment for yourself to enjoy a Breath of Fresh Air.

Florencia, Federico, and Hannah

Cacao Lab co-founders, Matchaful founder