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Posted on July 21 2017

Matchaful Iced Lime Mint Refresher


Summer is certainly in full swing and while we'd like to think that life slows down in these hot months, I think most of us can agree that it doesn't feel that way. 

Here at Matchaful, we are always experimenting with new recipes and new ways to consume matcha. The health benefits are incredible. Our founder, Hannah, started to add mint and lime to her iced matchas and it caught on like wildfire. Now we all drink it and wanted to share her recipe with you. 

We can't even tell you how simple it is. Basically, throw some ice into a cocktail shaker, add organic Emerald Grade matcha, squeeze some lime, squish some mint (and if you want some sweetness, add a bit of maple syrup) and shake. It literally takes us 2 minutes and we've had 100% success when sharing this recipe. Iced matcha tea is DELICIOUS and so pretty, as usual. (Learn more about the importance of color here.)

Watch how we did it and share! 

Full Directions:

1. Grab a cocktail shaker (our secret weapon!)
2. Add 1.5 cups of ice cubes
3. Slightly muddle Organic mint leaves between palms to release flavors
4. Add 1 tsp organic Emerald Grade matcha powder (1 scoop per person - each scoop is a 1/2 tsp)
5. Squeeze ¼ of fresh organic lime (or 1 tsp organic lime juice)
6. For added sweetness add ½ tsp organic maple syrup
7. Add 16 oz of cold water
8. Shake, shake, shake until matcha is fully blended and the flavors mix
9. Pour through strainer into your cup
10. Sip and #bematchaful!





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