Matcha On the Go

Matcha On the Go

Matcha Mini Pouches with surrounding drinks and food


Summer beckons us with beach days, long hikes, and city adventures. We are ready and here for it! But at the same time, our energy levels are more easily depleted when we’re out and about in the heat and humidity. Our Ceremonial Grade Hikari and Super Ceremonial Kiwami Matcha are now available in a convenient two portion, resealable mini pouches for whenever you need a moment of energizing tranquility on-the-go. Bring one to a friend‘s place, or pack a few for your next vacation!



Kiwami Matcha Mini Pouch


Our new 5g pouch holds two portions of pre-sifted Matcha. You can easily use a traditional method and whisk it up with 2oz of hot water per serving. Or you can simply add it to a lidded container with ice and liquid of your choice—shake, voilà!


What else are we bringing along?

We love bringing our Essentials Set wherever we go—camping, that Airbnb rental, mom’s house … The set holds everything you need to whisk up a perfect matcha, complete with a drawstring travel bag. We’ve also taken to snacking on our Grain-free Matcha Granola when we need a small boost of energy. Made with our Ceremonial Grade Hikari Matcha, these crunchy clusters of hemp and pumpkin seed naturally contain caffeine and L-theanine.


The caffeine and L-theanine in matcha provide a sustained level of energy that gradually and gently tapers off—no jitters and no crash. This summer, you’ll never catch us without a mini pouch of our matcha for an instant pick-me-up. Safe travels!