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One of the most common questions we are asked when we talk to customers is “how did you get into matcha?” While the reasons for getting into matcha are as diverse and distinct as the awesome humans we serve every day, this series is going to profile a handful of matcha lovers and uncover the reasons why matcha is indeed so magical (and how much it has impacted their lives). 


Matcha played an integral part in our founder Hannah's health journey, and her story has inspired others to try matcha. We believe that by sharing each other's matcha journeys, we will encourage more people to experience the power of matcha. 


For our inaugural post of the “How I Found Matcha” series, we are profiling Carolyn Vinnicombe – a matchaholic and entrepreneur leading Sales and Marketing for a wellness company.



JOB: Chief Brand Evangelist + Head of Sales & Marketing @ Bright People Foods


INSTAGRAM: @copinaco


LOVES: Traveling, writing, rowing crew, hiking, surfing, her fiancée


Tell us a little bit about who you were before finding matcha?


I personally struggled with cystic hormonal acne and digestive issues for years, which is something I talk about extensively on my blog. I always thought of what was happening on my skin and what was going on in my body as two completely separate things. It wasn't until I decided that I was going to treat my acne holistically instead of by using harsh prescriptions and started doing my own research that I realized how intertwined skin and body health are.  


How did you find matcha?


I began looking for dietary solutions to the issues I had with my skin. I remember reading that my two-cup-a-day coffee habit could be taking its toll on my skin. I nervously decided to trade in my coffee for matcha.


While coffee doesn’t directly cause acne, its high acidity and caffeine content can trigger stress responses in your body. As a result, the acidity and caffeine cause your adrenal glands to begin creating excess stress hormones. This creates a domino effect in the body, increasing insulin levels and as a result, causing your skin to produce more oil than it can handle. This leads to clogged pores which causes acne.


How did switching to matcha affect you? 


I almost immediately noticed how this made my energy levels more consistent, my jitters disappear, and my skin was brighter with a less acidic and more antioxidant-rich way of waking up in the mornings. 


I also found that I loved the ritual of making matcha in my morning routine. I always make myself a simple matcha latte right after drinking a big cup of water in the morning and slowly enjoy it during my meditation time. It's something that grounds me no matter how busy I am and helps me start the day on the best foot possible.


Favorite way to drink matcha? 


I love making a frothy matcha latte by blending 1/4 cup hot water, 1 teaspoon of matcha, 1 cup of plant-based milk, and a dash of cinnamon each morning. I sometimes add an extra adaptogen depending on how I'm feeling. 


Ashwagandha or recently a mushroom-based plant collagen, tremella mushrooms have been my go-to's to promote well-being and good skin health.


Matcha Facial


Favorite herb or superfood? Why?


I've recently been really into tocos (rice bran solubles). They taste amazing and add a wonderful texture in smoothies and lattes and are also said to boost skin health and cleanse you of toxins. 


Favorite adaptogen? Why?


I've been intrigued by tremella mushrooms, which are a form of plant-based collagen. I buy them in powder form and add them to my lattes about once or twice per week. They're said to help boost hydration in your skin and pack tons of antibiotics. Who doesn't want beauty shrooms?


Tell us about your first ever matcha experience? 


I can't exactly remember the first time I had matcha in my life, but I do remember that I didn't like matcha at all when I got it. I didn't know that there was a difference between culinary matcha and ceremonial and tried to use culinary matcha in my drinks. It wasn’t a great experience for me and I didn't try it again for a few years. 


The moment you knew matcha changed your life?


I started feeling different after ditching coffee and incorporating matcha into my diet. My skin took a longer time to show signs of being clearer and more vibrant, but the immediate change I felt was no longer being jittery after too much coffee.


Rapid Fire Questions:


  • Collagen or CBD?           Collagen (loving plant collagen right now!)
  • Latte or straight up?       Oat milk latte
  • Matcha - Hot or iced?     Hot, please


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