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Mindfulness with Matchaful

Mindfulness with Matchaful, a new content series

Introducing: Mindfulness with Matchaful, a new content series created in partnership with members of our talented community. Enjoy meditation, movement, and mindfulness sessions via our IGTV.


We're kicking things off with an Immune Boosting Kundalini Breath Practice led by Caley Alyssa, a California-based yoga & nidra teacher.


In this Mindfulness with Matchaful session, we engage an immune-boosting Kundalini breath practice to awaken the body and clear out stagnation. This 3-minute sun breathing technique helps to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, moving blockages from our energy centers and allowing space for an open flow of energy.


We'd like to extend a sincere thank you to Caley and the rest of our incredible community for coming together with Matchaful in these uncertain times.


Matchaful love to each and every one of you 💚

Sip Soundly & Take Care