New Year, New Matcha Ritual? Here's Our How-To.

New Year, New Matcha Ritual? Here's Our How-To.

The clean slate of a new year offers the opportunity to envision your desires for the year to come. In this spirit, we at Matchaful renew our commitment to living with intention and presence. Our favorite way to achieve a calmer sense of being is through a daily matcha ritual. The four steps—ground, sift, whisk, and pour—help us gather our thoughts and focus on the day ahead.



Gif of hands placing whisking bowl into scene with bamboo whisk, sifter, scoop, and Kiwami tin


Step 1: Find Grounding

Start your matcha ritual by gathering your tools and ingredients: the objects for ritual. Set out a whisking bowl and bamboo whisk, prepare the measuring scoop and sifter. Then, select the matcha that fits your mood: Gokou for an umami-rich straight-up experience, Kiwami for a sweeter and delicate option, or Hikari for a more robust latte drink.



Gif of hands coming into frame sifting matcha over a whisking bowl


Step 2: Sift

Next, measure 1.5 teaspoons of matcha (or a perfect scoop) into a fine mesh sifter. Sifting is a fundamental step to making matcha. Electric charges in the air can cause the fine powder to clump, affecting the texture of your prepared matcha. To achieve a velvety texture, sifting is key.



Gif of hands whisking matcha using a bamboo whisk in a whisking bowl


Step 3: Whisk

The matcha whisk - chasen - is essential to every matcha ritual. Chasen are traditionally handcrafted from a single piece of bamboo by skilled artisans. The thin and flexible tines of bamboo whisks are an important element to achieving the perfect integration of matcha powder and water. In a third step, add 2 oz of hot water (180° F) to the sifted matcha and move your wrist in a quick M or Z movement until you create the creamy signature froth.


Bamboo whisk against red background with flat gray stones on the sides




Gif of hands pouring matcha into a clear glass filled with milk with a bamboo whisk and Kiwami tin on the side


Step 4: Pour

Finish your beverage by adding 8 oz of hot water or milk of your choice to a cup or 8 oz of cold water or milk to a glass with ice. Pour your whisked matcha into the cup or glass, over the water or milk. Sit back and enjoy.