You Asked, We Listened!

You Asked, We Listened!

Our Single Origin Hikari Ceremonial grade matcha has quickly become our most popular and to be honest we are not surprised! With the innovative farming methods used in Japan with solar panels and closed loop fertilizing the matcha tastes delicious. And with our direct trade relationship Hikari comes to us from farm to whisk.


As heavy matcha drinkers, we totally understand wanting more size options, and with your requests coming in we've finally launched a larger size of Hikari matcha. Now you can get 100 servings of Hikari in one easy-to-use pouch.


If you drink matcha every morning (....and afternoon) this is a great, economical way to feed your matcha addiction.


Now it's even easier to add matcha to your healthful diet. Just save in your refrigerator when not in use to keep it fresh longer.

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