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Traditional Bamboo Whisk

$ 16.00

The Bamboo Whisk is the authentic traditional tool to prepare a perfect cup of matcha. This was the utensil used thousands of years ago during traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. 

Skillfully use the whisk in a zigzag motion until frothy. It will give the matcha green tea a smooth and frothy, light consistency, heightening the MATCHAFUL experience.

Why do you need a whisk? Because forks and spoons and metal whisks will NEVER properly mix up the matcha - you will always have clumps and you won't get the froth that the bamboo whisk (created specifically for matcha mixing) creates. It's a must have for preparing the best cup of matcha. 


* To extend the life and shape of your whisk, consider purchasing our whisk holder. Our whisk holder helps to dry the whisk as well as maintain the shape of the bamboo prongs. 


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