Introducing Gokou: Our Single-Origin Limited Reserve Matcha

Introducing Gokou: Our Single-Origin Limited Reserve Matcha

Our latest ceremonial grade matcha offering is our most exclusive yet. For years, we’ve been interested in importing matcha ground from the rare Gokou cultivar. After extensive research, we collaborated with our sustainable partner farm in Shizuoka, Japan for access to this special tea. With great excitement, we are proud to introduce our new Gokou Limited Reserve Matcha.


Gokou tin surrounded by a nectarine, cacao chunk, and cashews


Revered for its unique, umami-driven flavor, matcha connoisseurs covet this cultivar for its richness. Our Gokou surprises with deep notes of raw cacao, ripe nectarine, and creamy cashew. While most tea is harvested in several flushes, Gokou is picked only once per year, severely limiting its availability. Because of this, Gokou is sought-after as exceptional and rare.


A Closer Look at the Gokou Cultivar

First mention of the Gokou cultivar dates back to 1953. At the time, it was selected as the best cultivar grown in the Kyoto and Uji area by the Kyoto Prefecture Tea Research Institute. The Gokou we offer today is grown to the east of Kyoto, along the foothills of Mt. Fuji in the Shizuoka Prefecture.


How to Gokou


Recently opened tin of Gokou with a swirl of matcha dust against a rust-colored background


The unique flavor and texture of our Gokou Limited Reserve Matcha makes it a perfect choice for straight-up matcha. Its robust profile also ensures its integrity holds up in a delicious latte creation.

To whisk up the perfect Gokou, sift 1 teaspoon of matcha into a shallow bowl. If you struggle with portioning, you can use our Perfect Matcha Scoop to get the same amount every single time. Once sifted, add 2oz of 180° F water to the matcha. Finally, use a traditional bamboo whisk to incorporate matcha and water until a dense froth forms.

We are excited for you to give this recipe a try and can’t wait to hear what you think. Supplies are extremely limited and we will not be restocked. Don’t miss your chance to try this one-of-a-kind ceremonial grade matcha! Shop Gokou Limited Reserve matcha is now available to order here.