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Introducing 5-Seed Crisps

We're excited to introduce our latest product—and first savory housemade snack—meet Matchaful's 5-Seed Crisps. Available as a limited release in two flavors, Matcha Cucumber and Reishi Beet, the Crisps pair a superfood ingredient with whole, upcycled vegetables and nutrient-dense seeds. Each serving packs 5 grams of plant protein and 3-4 grams of fiber, making these plant-based crisps a satiating and healthful snack. Designed with functional health benefits in mind, both flavors are rich in antioxidants and contain prebiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome.

Matchaful’s new 5-Seed Crisps resolve a previous market absence of savory matcha snacks. This void is what initially inspired our Founder, Hannah Habes, and Culinary Director, Joanas Riccardi, to create the innovative product. “We wanted to highlight matcha’s unique umami flavor in a savory snack.. We dreamed up a nutritious, superfood crisp and Chef Joanas created something that’s not only incredibly healthy, but has a complex and tangy flavor profile,” said Habes.

With a focus on sustainability, Matchaful is using omnidegradable packaging for the product. The omnidegradable material is an exciting, new packaging innovation that naturally degrades in any environment within 400 days—removing the recycling and composting burden from the consumer.

Beginning today, the 5-Seed Crisps are available for a limited time through our online store and New York City café locations. Some recommended uses for the Crisps include, as a standalone snack, base for spreads, or crumbled over salads.