FIVE Things to Know About Matcha

FIVE Things to Know About Matcha

single serve matcha


There's SO much to know about how to make matcha. Here are just five things to know for today:


    1. Sifting, sifting, sifting
        • Sifting your matcha prior to whisking completely eliminates clumps and actually reduces the amount of whisking needed, a total time savor. Plus, clumps interrupt that meditative moment and we shudder at the thought.
      matcha whisk


  1. Whisk it
    • We’ve all been here “But do I really NEED a whisk to make matcha?” The answer? Yes. It just really is the best way to make matcha. This is not a sales push, it’s just facts coming from matcha experts who have literally tried everything. The whisk is essential in breaking up the powder and creating a beautiful froth + it adds to the meditative morning ritual we love.
  2. Hot or Cold
    • Matcha is traditionally prepared hot, but it is SO GOOD when iced. Just pop a scoop into your insulated water bottle, add some ice and shake! In just a few seconds you’ll have frothy, iced matcha (and you’re ready for matcha on the go!)
    1. How much milk?
      • Everyone has their own particular taste. Some of us like only a splash of nut milk, others like a full matcha latte. We recommend that if you plan to make a latte or use a lot of milk then you should use more than a 1/2 tsp of matcha to ensure the flavor and color remains strong. Tip: always whisk your matcha with a small amount of water first, even when you're making a latte, as matcha won't blend as well in milk. 


        matcha latte

    2. Why does color matter?
      • The color of your matcha is a great indicator of quality. Ceremonial matcha (the highest quality) is a vibrant, intense green that looks almost technicolor and there should be zero bitterness when prepared. Other matchas that are less green are likely culinary which are best used in recipes or for a stronger latte taste. Anything that looks yellowish should be avoided at all costs!

    color of matcha


    Comment below with any other questions you might have!