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We believe there’s a better way to grow the matcha that powers us through the day.  That’s why we're bringing you our first single-estate matcha. You have the right to know where your matcha comes from. Matcha is typically a blend of tea leaves from various farms, making it impossible to know where the matcha is from, or what’s really in it.


We’ve been on a mission to source single-origin matcha, and we’re delivering it with ONE by Matchaful. Every particle in each tin of ONE by Matchaful is 100% pure matcha, grown pesticide free (and uses 100% organic fertilizer that is locally produced from dehydrated organic food scraps) and sourced from a single matcha farm in Kikugawa, Shizouka Prefecture, Japan. In other words, it’s the real deal. And, it just so happens to be some of the best organic matcha we've tasted. Sip soundly.





exceptionally sustainable matcha


Hikari (the Japanese translation for 'light' or 'glow' from the the sun) is our most premium matcha with the smoothest taste. So delicious you can sip straight with water but can be used to make any matcha recipe. Ceremonial grade.

Flavor notes: Walnut | Lemon | Butter
Ideal for sipping straight.


Kuni (the name of our innovative partner in Japan) is our everyday matcha and has a more umami taste that withstands the taste of milks and other ingredients, making it ideal for lattes, smoothies, or other recipes calling for matcha.

Flavor notes: Toasty | Cacao | Bamboo.
Ideal for mixing.

Sourcing With Transparency

Our founder Hannah Habes spent several days in the fertile hills of Japan ensuring that this farm was as incredible as it seemed. ONE by Matchaful is ground from hand-picked tea leaves grown on one farm in Kikugawa, Shizouka Prefecture, Japan — the prefecture known for producing arguably the best tasting tea in the world. First-harvest leaves are reserved for Hikari, while Kuni is a blend of first and second harvest leaves.

We believe you should know where your matcha’s been and the journey it took to get to you, from farm to whisk.

organic matcha matchaful

Matchaful Sourcing Map

ONE by Matchaful isn’t just single-origin, it’s also helping to create clean energy. Our friend Kuni Mochitani (for whom our Kuni grade is named) works with matcha farmers to install solar panels atop matcha crops to harness solar power while the matcha is soaking up its requisite month of shade leading up to harvest. The farmers are able to subsidize their income while providing the local utility with energy — an essential initiative as Japan moves away from nuclear energy.

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