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For the past several years I've worked in the food and beverage industry. Being in this industry has allowed me to try many unique foods and only fueled my passion to consistently search for new ingredients and products that would improve my health and well-being.

Four years ago, when a close friend brought back a sample of some green powdered tea from a trip to Japan, I was instantly intrigued. At the time, I was oblivious to matcha’s “superfood” status or superior health benefits.


"I still remember the first time I tasted matcha"


It's smooth, delicate taste and zen-like energy made me fall instantly in love. Within days, I was no longer relying on my morning cup of coffee, but rather craving matcha all-day long. My energy levels were higher and more sustained, and my productivity at work was through the roof. My hair, skin, and metabolism also benefitted. Before I knew it, I was ordering and taste-testing matcha from all over the world. My kitchen quickly turned into my personal matcha laboratory.

A good friend coined me the “Matcha Missionary.” I soon found myself educating my friends, family, or anyone who would listen, about the profound health benefits and versatility of matcha. I couldn’t help it. After seeing their positive reaction to matcha, I felt compelled to spread the word and to share high-quality organic Japanese matcha with my community.

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