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No matter how you slice it, pesticides just aren't doing our bodies, nor the planet, any favors. 

Because we can't wash off pesticides from matcha once we buy it, our decisions need to start at the source. When you buy products with the USDA organic seal, you are prohibiting the use of any genetically engineered or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This means an organic matcha farmer can’t plant GMO seeds or spray chemical fertilizers on the tea leaves.

It is extremely important to us here at Matchaful that we source only premium, 100% organic matcha from Japan. After trying countless varieties of matcha from all over Japan, we decided on the beautiful, mountainous fields of Nishio in the Aichi Prefecture as the source of our 100% USDA organic matcha.

Nishio is largely known across the world as the cradle of the finest matcha for more than 800 years. Nishio is the perfect area for our organic matcha farming techniques due to the the high mountains that keep the air colder. The cool mountain air is best suited to grow matcha without any pesticides, as the colder air temperature effectively serves as a natural pest repellant, enabling our matcha to grow free from pest damage.

Organic matcha farming takes more skill than conventional farming, and has been gradually perfected by our farms over generations. Much of the difficulty stems from reusing the organic soil over many generations of the plant. To ensure maximum quality, our farms use the same plants yearly – and it takes many generations before a new plant is mature enough to produce the quality of tea leaves necessary to make it into our tins.

Our matcha is USDA, JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) and EU organic certified. As organic regulations are very specific about the types of fertilizer you can use, it is often the case that organic tea plants do not get the same nutrient replenishment as their conventional counterparts with each passing generation. As a result of this, both our Emerald + Jade organic matchas must be ordered in small batches, as only a small portion of the harvest meets the quality standards we rigorously enforce.

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