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  • Harvest

  • March

    Shade is key

    Matchaful's tencha leaves are shaded for one month before harvest, and only the finest, sweetest leaves are chosen during harvesting.

  • April

    Preserve the freshness

    Immediately after the tea leaves have been picked, they are taken to the local tenchero to be steamed and dried, in order to prevent the healthful enzymes from oxidizing, keeping the leaves as fresh and nutritious as when they were hand-picked from the plant

  • May-June

    We only pick the best

    Our tea leaves are carefully plucked from organic tea fields during harvest season, spanning from May - July.

  • Before our leaves are ground into matcha, they are de-stemmed and de-veined, to reduce any bitter flavors.

  • Production

  • Once the tea leaves are ready to be ground, they are delicately ground into a super fine powder using traditional granite stone grinders. We work with some of the best tea makers to to ensure high quality finished matcha product that has little to no bitterness.

  • Matchaful is created!

  • Since matcha loses taste and color when it’s exposed to light and oxidation, we use packaging that is airtight and kept in a foil bag or aluminum tin.

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