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The Most Delicious Pumpkin Spice Matcha Latte

Posted on October 31 2017

matcha pumpkin spice latte recipe


It's chilly and crisp and the leaves are falling. Everyone out there is talking about pumpkin spice everything and we wanted to one-up them all with a super simple, healthy version using Matchaful matcha. To be honest - we mainly made this to be up to date with the drink trends, but ended up loving it so much that we've had it twice already and are scarily obsessed! 


Here's how we make two cups of Matchaful PSL:

1. On the stove, heat up 2 cups of milk. We prefer Almond or Coconut. Make sure it doesn't          get all the way to boiling.
2. Also heat up one cup of water
3. While the milk is warming on the stovetop, add a dash of the following:
    4. Add a 1/2 teaspoon of Vanilla extract
    5. Add a teaspoon of Maple syrup for added sweetness
    6. Once the water is warm, pour into a blender
    7. Then add one teaspoon of matcha. We used Emerald Grade, but you can use your                        favorite grade, like our Jade Grade
    8. Add the warm milk and spice mix
    9. Blend for 30 seconds to make extra frothy
    10. Pour and enjoy! Adding a dusting of cinnamon on top adds a little extra magic



      pumpkin spice latte matcha recipe



      matcha pumpkin spice latte recipe



      matcha pumpkin spice latte recipe



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